ARXX studio is a research laboratory and a design practice based in Rome, working in the fields of luxury, sustainable architecture and design. The studio was established in 2009 by Giacomo Sanna and Vittorio Minervini after years of play and competitions with great national and international studies ( as well as Zaha–Hadid Architects ) that have garnered it much international acclaim. Focusing on planning and advanced 3d modelling it works in the Italian world of design and architecture and continuously developes formal and conceptual research, inspired by sustainability and supported by the most advanced digital technologies. ARXX Studio is a balance between work and artistic component technology, component and functional aesthetics; follow projects from concept to construction and our experience allows people to monitor all stages of design through to execution and completion. Introducing the latest projects focusing on the concept of sustainability using the kinetic energy as a potential element of energy self-sufficiency. These projects have been published in various magazines and participated in several exhibitions around the world.

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