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The concept starts from the idea that the hyperloop system is substantially comparable to the optical fiber, a high-speed data connection system. Instead of light particles, Hyperloop transports people and goods, but physically both move at very high speed, inside a cylindrical object. The project foresees the deconstruction of the cylindrical geometric element, through which it is possible to generate systems and subsystems that will formally and functionally define it.

The respect of the "genius-loci" in this case becomes the Mimesis and the total fusion of the system with the landscape context, through the use of shielding systems made of natural materials (wood, sheets of
cork, vertical lawn, dry stone) of an autochthonous nature, mixed with highly high-tech materials, the aim is to maximise the combination of tradition and new technological frontiers. Where
as possible, the system will have to be absorbed by the territory, as in the case of the crossing of the Strait of Bonifacio, where the project provides for the total burial of the tunnels, in order to preserve the integrity of the site.


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Giacomo Sanna

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